Sponsor Showcase: Genesis Gomez

Banking industry for 10 years | Mortgage industry for 5 1/2 years | #1 in district; #2 in the region in banking | 3 time winner of President's Club Award | Winner of Go Giver Award in 2019 with Ventre | Nominated for 5 Star Professional Award in 2019 | Ameristar ‐ Beverage Manager of 60 people   

I was always told if you cannot say it best yourself, find someone else to say it for you… “Genesis was a true Godsend to work with. Due to my self‐employed status‐‐along with the surface‐level appearance of financial instability that comes with it‐‐I was convinced that refinancing my mortgage would be an insurmountable task.  Genesis believed otherwise.  Thanks to her resources, tenacity and commitment to finding a way, she was able to help me where many others in her industry could not, and got me locked in on a rate and terms in my favor that exceeded my expectations. The experience was concluded by Genesis coordinating a remote closing that took place while I was out of state on vacation.  Genesis is a true advocate for her clients through her words and, more importantly, her actions.  For anyone who has the fortune of having Genesis as their mortgage broker, know that you are in the most capable and caring hands out there.”  ‐Ty O. 

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Genesis Gomez | (720) 585‐7600| genesis@industryhmc.com

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